Apostle Johnson Suleman Sends Fierce Warning To Young Brothers Who Are Keeping Sisters, Delaying The Necessary Proposal 

Apostle Johnson Suleman while preaching told the story of a lady in the church who was dating a guy for 11 years. She started dating him when she was 20, and at 31, he called her and ask her what was their plans. She said she did not know and he ordered her to call the guy. When the guy came, he said that he is still taking time to study her. 

The man of God then revealed that he himself spent four years in the university to study mass communication in his first degree, he did his Master’s for two years and PhD for another two years which makes it 8 years. Then a guy is studying a lady for 11 years.

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He then spoke to the lady and asked her if she will obey him as a father. She said Yes and he immediately told her to end the relationship. She obeyed and broke up with the guy and in less than two months, she met another guy who was loaded. He said that all of a sudden, the former guy came back and was begging her to marry him now, claiming that he is ready. She ran to the man of God who told her that she should not be confused. In that same church, they did the needful and were joined together. 

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According to the cleric, she is with her husband in London.

Finally, he sends a fierce warning to young brothers in the church who are keeping sisters, delaying the necessary proposal. He urged them to propose immediately and pick a wedding date.

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