Apostle Selman Advises Believers To Remove Worldly Songs From Their Phones And Fill It With Gospel Songs – Here Is Why

Apostle Joshua Selman while preaching has advised believers to take time to remove the lots of junk songs on their phones and put in correct and godly songs. In his words, “your phone is not just for you to browse, remove all the rubbish songs from it and put the correct godly, fire-carrying songs. 

Arrange them as a file so that when duty calls, without thinking twice, you begin to play them. This would help in rearranging your moods. It would help to draw on the presence of God in any situation you might be in.

Most times that you might be spiritually down and your mood might not be at peace, just switch to a worship song on your phone. This would help change the atmosphere. This would in no time, bring on the presence of the holy spirit. 

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The cleric has also implored believers to transform their life from a gloomy and sad ones to a well-saturated life in the Lord. Once you are alone and you realized the atmosphere around you is sad and being manipulated by satanic forces; you go to bed and you wake up with some kind of dream, just play worship and go to bed, put it on repeat. 

If God helps you and can find one that has tongues in-between, while you are sleeping, it would be helpful. Let your life be filled with worship songs and soul-lifting songs”

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