Apostle Suleman Reveals What Bishop Eddie Long Said On His Death Bed That Always Make Him Cry

In a video uploaded to his official church Facebook account, Apostle Johnson Suleman, founder and senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministry, has in a video uploaded to his official church Facebook account a few minutes ago disclosed what a pastor said on his death bed that always makes him cry.

Apostle Suleman shared the story of a black American pastor, the late Bishop Eddie Long. Apostle Suleman said that he was a great man of God. He said the man grew up in a church and was so powerful. 

He said people like T.D Jakes and other ministers were people Eddie Long helped in their ministries. He said those pastors almost called Eddie Long a father to show how anointed and powerful he was.

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Apostle Suleiman then said that all of a sudden, Eddie Long was involved in different scandals; homosexuality and many other scandals. 

He said that was the time Americans suppose to stand with him but they did not.

Apostle Suleman said that the part he picked was when he was dying and his wife was with him, and he told her, ” All the so-called men of God who are great now, I helped them. I was on a sick bed. No one called to pray for me” Apostle Suleman said that part always makes him cry.

He further said that people judged Eddie Long till he died, and that is why he always tells people that what killed that man was depression. He said, but people in the world won’t do that.

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