“As A Believer, If you always put on sad facial expression, you would attract sadness and this is what it will do to your life” – Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals

Apostle Johnson Suleman shared a message on the kind of countenance that people put on and the type of spirit it could attract.

According to the cleric, he revealed that most Christians do not understand that, in life and destiny, the kind of countenance that they put on determines the kind of spirit you attract. 

If you put on sad facial expression, you would attract sadness. This also increases the negativity in your life. When people see that your countenance is bitter and not sociable, they would avoid you. 

This same also goes for those that might want to help you. Your countenance could also attract disfavour to you.

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As stressed by the cleric, your sad countenance, and your depression would not change your condition. Also, he has drawn an example of the negative thing that a sad countenance does bring to anyone from the life of Cain. 

When God did not accept his offering, the scriptures say that his countenance fell. He immediately became very sad and bitter. God told him about this and advised him against the kind of situation he has put himself but, but he did not work on it nor change his countenance. He ended up going the lane of history as the first murderer.

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