As A Christian, These Are The Five Things You Must Avoid And Never Do

As A Christian, These Are The Five Things You Must Avoid And Never Do
As A Christian, These Are The Five Things You Must Avoid And Never Do

The Five things you must avoid as a True Christian.

In the spirit and glory of Sunday, a day considered for worship to Christ, I come to everyone reading this with a cheerful heart and something to wet your spirits with. We make mistakes everyday, sometimes unknowingly, and otherwise; but there are mistakes we must never make as a Christian.

One of the top of this list is forgetting to request for forgiveness from God in prayers especially after a possible commit of sin. We must always ask God for forgiveness and to pardon our human errors.

As A Christian, These Are The Five Things You Must Avoid And Never Do

The second mistake is Hatred. It is a very sad thing how much we preach and talk of love but we don’t practice it at all. We spite and hate ourselves so much. A christian must learn to love, even his worst enemy; because God still loves us no matter what we do. We must learn to avoid whatever would cause hatred or make one to spite another.

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The third is being delusional. Even the bible says that heaven helps those who helps themselves. We must not depend on the possibility of a miracle happening always, and take the walk instead. For example, I know of a woman who’s now in her late 50’s and she is not married yet because she spent all her life going to church and being extremely religious and having no time for social life at all.

Fourthly, we must stop condemning ourselves. It has become a trend that certain religious organization feel they are more superior or better than the other, or one church feels his own church is the perfect church, and resorts to condemning others either because they have a different doctrine or they have a different mode of worship. The Pentecostal attacking the catholic, the catholic attacking the white garment churches, the white garment churches attacking the latter days saints, and all that, but the truth remains thus: we might have different doctrines and mode of worship, but we still have one God and we must respect that fact.

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Condemnation is a big mistake people make and are not aware of.

Fifth mistake we must never make is Blaspheme. A Christian should never blaspheme no matter the condition. We are very quick to throw blames at different causes, but we must never throw one at our own creator.

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