As A Man Of God, Demons Were Oppressing Me For Many Years – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman spoke to his members about how he was oppressed by the Devil and how he got his deliverance through faith and by the scripture.

He revealed that for many years in his life even as a man of God demon spirits were oppressing him. He said that not many people will tell you this truth. He is not saying it to discourage people and he is not demeaning the power of Jesus. Because of his prophetic inclination, the man of God would see spirits enter his room. On one occasion, he shouted Jesus yet nothing happened because the name is not a charm, it works by understanding.

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However, he later got his deliverance, and the day he got it, he found a scripture, and light came like an arrow from heaven and entered him. When that light entered him, he ran, stood in front of his room, and shouted. He pleaded with the spirits that used to oppress him and begged them to return till the next day. Fortunately, they have not returned. According to him, there are many believers under all kinds of oppression, stagnated and not manifesting to the fullness of their destinies in Christ, because they just assume that everything is gone.

He then explained that when they minister like that, they are not being boastful and they are not negating what Christ has done. The administration of His power is our participatory role in actualizing His finished work in and through our lives. This is what the Bible calls faith – the name of the action you take based on your conviction on who God is and the integrity of His person. It is always by grace but it is through faith. He said that Grace is the name given to everything that is in God released to man only through the office of the Christ; that’s what we call grace. Mercy is grace, power is grace, wisdom is grace. Grace is not unmerited favour, that’s just one dimension of it.

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Finally, he said that Grace is a generic name given to the storehouse that contains everything that makes God God; it’s called grace but the system of access and delivery is what we must learn. As believers, we must trust God to mature in doctrine so that we do not become victims.

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