As A Teenager, I Was Told This About My Future – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyhakilome, the founder of LoveWorld Incorporated spoke to his members about why they need to be ready for God’s use. He said that no one believed in him as a teenager and he was told he may have a terrible future.

He said that when he was a young guy, in his early teenage years. He made up my mind and he knew the cause was right as he was ready to go for it. He was told, “you may have a terrible future”, “you may become poor, this or that may happen to you”.

Speaking further, he said that all those who were talking to him didn’t know he has counted the cost. “I’ve made a decision that nothing on earth is good enough to stop me,” he said. It was a cause worth more than life. It never matters to him, if he didn’t have any clothes to wear, it will change nothing. He claimed that if he was never going to have any money, it will make no difference to him.

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According to him, one day he was praying, and said ‘Lord, if I have to walk through the valley and hills and mountains of this world and never have a home, never have a place to stay, I don’t care, it doesn’t mean anything.. this gospel is worth everything.’ He said that he was ready, and even though he might not be known, he didn’t care. “If I have to preach the gospel to the poorest of the poor and God wanted me to live among them, I was ready,” he said

Finally, he said that God is trusting you, and He’s trusting you with everything. God is trusting us to save men’s lives from hell and carry the bloodstain banner of Jesus Christ around the world.

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