“Avoid Marrying Ladies Who Feel it is Your Responsibility to Take Care of Their Families” – Reno Omokri Advises Men

Preacher and human rights activist Reno Omokri has advised men to avoid marrying ladies who feel it is their responsibility to take care of their family. According to him, that is the fastest route to poverty.

Reno believes that such a guy can offer to help but he should remember that accepting the duty to always take care of them is stupidity and not responsibility.

He wrote on Facebook;

“The fastest route to poverty is marrying a woman who believes her family is also your responsibility.

From time to time, you can help only if you can afford it.

But, accepting a DUTY to look after in-laws is not responsibility. It is stupidity!

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Any girl with that type of mentality is a liability.

And her family will result in your instability.

Do not be so carried away by the thought of ravishing your wife-to-be that you do not notice that her family is waiting patiently for their lavishing at your expense!”

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