“Be careful, an insatiable craving for money is the highway to the grave” – Bishop David Oyedepo Warns Young People


Bishop David Oyedepo while Speaking to young people, he said, “Be careful, an insatiable craving for money is the highway to the grave. “I must make it” you must make heaven or hell

By all means, if I see free money I will steal it. If they catch you, you will spend your days in imprisonment. If they land you with 20 years imprisonment what remains of your days? Labour not to be rich. Riches have wings.”

According to him, no matter how strong a police officer is, you can’t stop a plane in the air. These things, you can’t be running on foot and catch something flying in the air. Just know how God blesses and connects. His blessings maketh rich and add no sorrow. 

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There are many tension-free people in this Church today that money means the least to them yet they are blessed. He said that his wife reminds him that somebody gave them property somewhere. “I can’t remember. I think I forgot the same day,” he said.

Finally, he said that the pursuit of God is the gateway to fortune. Pursue after God and goodness and mercy will be following you, pursue things and evil will follow you because the love of money is the root of all evil. “It is your turn to step into the realm of financial fortune,” he said.

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