“Be careful what you say when you are down or depressed, or when you are facing difficulties and problems – Pastor Kumuyi Reveals Why

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry spoke to his members about “The Promise Of Life Beyond Earthly Limitations” at Combined Sunday worship service message. He read the book of Genesis 46:30 which says “And Israel said unto Joseph, Now let me die since I have seen thy face because thou art yet alive”

According to him, when you read or hear what people say, you need to analyze it properly by looking at the background of their words carefully. Jacob said, “now let me die because thou art yet alive”. There is a contradiction here. He had thought that his son was dead, and will not see him again on this side of the earth, so why would he say he wanted to die? Actually, Jacob was so happy that he lost himself. At times, we don’t know or understand what we say or put proper meaning to our words.

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According to him, we must note that he was not speaking to God here. We must know what we say to the man and what we say to God. Joseph had no power to release him to die or stop him from dying, only God Almighty does. It was just an emotional outburst. “Can you imagine Moses saying this to God when he still had a lot of work to do? Can you imagine Paul the Apostle saying this after God has assured him of sparing his life and all who were with him in the ship?” he asked.

He said, “Be careful what you say when you are down or depressed when you’re under stress, difficulty and problems. Don’t repeat what others have said at one time or the other like a parrot, the people in Bible days did not have the Bible to read, or any pastor to teach them. They did not have any examples to follow. No Sunday services, Bible studies, retreat or GCK.”

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He then said, “But as for you, you have the Bible and the tonics of power you received from these programmes are already working in your life, so, be careful and choose your words carefully. I come to announce to you today, church, that you will not die! The journey is before you and you will accomplish all you need to before you die, don’t talk about death again. So according to him, one thing Christians should stop talking about is death.

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