“Because I Decided to Travel Alone, he Did This to me” – Archbishop Duncan Williams Son Calls Out Father For Putting Him In A Psychiatric Ward

Daniel Duncan-Williams has called out his father, Archbishop Duncan Williams, for being a wicked father.

Daniel has been hospitalised in a psychiatric hospital (again), apparently on the orders of his father.

According to him, he has done nothing to be hospitalised aside from trying to travel outside the country.

Speaking from his hospital bed in the psychiatric institution, Daniel said he wanted to travel to Lagos but did not tell his family because he knew they would not approve.

He said he was going to see his girlfriend.

However, when he got to the Togo border, Daniel said he was detained by police who later handed him over to his father’s bodyguard.

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The bodyguard took him to a psychiatric hospital where they’ve pumped him full of drugs.

Daniel called for justice to be served since his father has gone overboard this time.

The ‘troublesome’ son of the Archbishop suffers from bipolar disorder.

He wrote on Instagram: “Because I decided to travel alone without informing my family (which is my own choice) due to this exact reason. I have been detained by police and doctors and put in a psychiatric ward for nothing. @ArchbishopNick i will have my justice. My God will arise. It is well 🙏🏽,”

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