Bishop Abioye Explains What Will Happen To Girls That Wear Short Skirts And Revealing Outfits

Bishop David Abioye, Vice President of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, recently revealed what will happen to girls who wear short skirts and revealing clothing in a YouTube video. 

The man of God claimed in the video that girls who wear short skirts and exposing clothing will bring evil into their life. He further argued that because of how some believers appear, many people have lost faith in the church.

He said “Girls who wear short skirts and revealing outfits bring evil into their lives because their appearance is wicked itself. Many people have lost faith in the church because of how believers appear today. If you’ve ever met an ambassador, you’ll notice that they’re well-dressed. They dress in the colors of the country from which they come. People today dress as if there are no Christians in the body of Christ. Some women nowadays wear skirts that expose their intimate areas.”

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“Ambassadors of nations are judged not only on their achievements, but also on their appearance. The disciples of Jesus were behaving and looking exactly like Jesus, to the point where they couldn’t distinguish who he was.” 

“Christians must present themselves as Christians. We need to quit lugging the garbage of the world around us. The priests who represented God were expected to dress in a way that was both beautiful and holy. When they apprehended Jesus, he clothed in such a way that they couldn’t tear his garment. The dress was so well-made, and it was a perfect representation of God.” 

“Unfortunately, today’s Christians dress in all kinds of rags. The Bible warns us not to follow the fashions of this world. We are part of the world but not of it. We should be neat. The way we dress is the way we would be addressed” he said 

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