Bishop David Oyedepo Advises Believers/ Pastors On What To Do To Make Their Church Grow

Proper marketing is crucial to making sales in every business. You will not sell anything you produce if nobody knows about the goodness of your product.

Bishop David Oyedepo has told his members that the church will not grow if the members don’t effectively market the church. He said this during the mid-week communion service in his sermon which he titled Operating in the realm of financial fortune.

He explained that the sales of any product will stop where its marketing stops in spite of how good the product may be.

“Coca-Cola is making sales today because of their effective marketing,” he said. “Any country you enter, you will even see Coca-Cola before you see welcome to the country. There is coke in your country, and there is coke in the country you are going to.”

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If they stop marketing their product, Pepsi will overtake them,” the Bishop said. “Mirinda stopped their marketing and that’s why they are where they are today.”

He told his congregation that church marketing will continue all the days of their lives, because Jesus wants everybody saved, and established in church for their preservation.

He narrated the parable of Jesus, where the king commanded his servants to go into the highways and hedges, and compel people to come so his house will be full. He declared that God is honoured when the church is full of people.

He said he has been taking the act of serving God as his business even before he was called into ministry, and he urged the congregation to do the same as well.

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