Bishop David Oyedepo  Reveals Why Believers Should Sing Songs In Their Native Tongue If They Want God To Arise In Their Situation

Bishop David Oyedepo has said that if you want to get God to arise in your situation, you have to give him violent praises, which includes violent dancing and singing, especially songs in your native language.

He made this statement during his sermon on the blessings that are in praise, at the mid-week communion service.

He explained that when you succeed in bringing God into your situation, the things that cause others to tremble will tremble in your case. This is because God comes down himself when you give him praise.

“I’m trying to prepare you for violent dance, not American dance as if you’re teaching God phonetics. You better dance violent dance. Sing raw songs. Sing your mother tongue. Sing your father tongue. Sing whatever tongue you know,” he said.

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He revealed that God indwells the praises of his people and not their prayers. According to him, if the president gives you a note, you would still be delayed and searched before you are attended to, but if you are in the company of the president, you would receive speedy attention.

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