Bishop David Oyedepo Reveals why he collected money back from someone he gave

The General Overseer of the Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel International), Bishop David Oyedepo, has made a revelation in a message he preached yesterday. during the first service.

According to Church Gist, the man of God said a proud heart is extremely dangerous and it usually leads to a fall and serious disaster. Speaking further about pride, the cleric stated that not being Godly has buried many destinies.

He proceeds by saying one doesn’t necessarily need to be wealthy before he can be tagged a proud fellow, stating different types of pride which according to him includes, spiritually and monetarily Pride, among others.

He further shared a story of an experience he had with a man, according to him, he handed something to the man and instead of appreciating, he complained it wasn’t enough. “He should bring it,” I said, and then handed it over to me saying “thank you”, there are truly lots of arrogant beggars around us, they will never appreciate it, no matter what you may offer them, they will instead be underrated you.

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Concluding the message, the cleric talked about the need to be free from the bondage of sin as he called sin a destroyer. So any man can turn from the old way to the new way that exists only in Jesus Christ. Adjustment in attitude and alignment with God’s Word, are two great requirements if you must experience a turnaround in your life, he proposed.

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