Bishop David Oyedepo Speaks On The History Of The Church, Reveals How He Got The Name “Living Faith”

The General Overseer, Founder and Lead Pastor of the Living Faith Bible Church, popularly known as Winners chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo spoke on the history of the church at the leadership empowerment summit this month, September 2022 in a video post via his church verified YouTube handle few hours ago.

According to the preacher while speaking, said that he is glad to announce that what people celebrate today about this commission is nothing but a manifestation of the divine presence of God.


He went on to reveal who named the church and when it was named. Speaking on that, he said that the name living faith was given to him by God. Everyone under this commission is ordained to be a lifelong winning believer he said. Speaking further, he revealed that The name ‘Living Faith’ and ‘Winning Faith’ came on the same day which was on the 1st of October 1984.

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Citing the scriptures, the book of Isaiah 62:2-4 and it says, “And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name.” Therefore, The living faith, is the winning faith and the winning faith is the faith of the Living God So we are not bearing the name as an accolade he said.

He also went on to reveal that on the 15th of July 1996, the Lord told him that He has made Lagos their first headquarters from where they will shake the world. And according to him, nothing was shaking then but now here we are, a people of attraction, a people of honour, your coming here was not by accident, He ordered your steps here. May His agenda for bringing you here be fully realized in your life, in Jesus’ name, he said.

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