Bishop Okwudili Eze Reveals Seven (7) Reasons Why God Bring Men Into Favour

Bishop Okwudili Eze, the founder and general overseer of Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries headquartered in Abuja, in a recent post on his official Facebook page spoke about The Baptism Of Supernatural Favour: Reasons Why God Brings Men Into Favour.

He revealed that the word of God is full of ordinances. Ordinances are statutory divine laws that exist since the foundation of the earth and when you engage them, yield great dividends. When you engage them, they make you become a colossus on the earth. 

So You need the guidance of the holy spirit to engage these ordinances in order to operate and dominate with commanding influence as though the devil is not existing on the earth. Favour is one of the functionalities of these ordinances.

He explained that Favour is an expression of God’s mercy that makes you receive something without really asking for it. Favour goes ahead of you to package and announce you for blessings without your asking or requesting for such. Your life becomes magnetic as a result of the flow of your influence.

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Favour is God bypassing many in order to single you out for a unique blessing. Favour is a divine magnetic aura that makes you and what you represent to be readily accepted and celebrated. He then explained 7 reasons why God brings men into favour and they are:

1. To supply divine help to you where your human energy, hard work, and connections have failed (Psalms 121:1): As long as you have a relationship with God, you begin to enjoy divine help in places where your human effort, hard work and connection have failed you.

2. To cause you to achieve your divine purpose with speed and acceleration: He said that you do not have eternity to do work or pursue the purpose meant for time. You will not arrive late; you will arrive on time in Jesus’ name. You need a supernatural prophetic advantage to attain a great result.

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3. It is God’s wisdom in operation at recovering back the blessings of wasted years and missed opportunities and seasons (Joel 2):

According to him, God restores wasted seasons by bringing us into baptism with the spirit of favour (Genesis 39:2). So until character passes through the fire, it is not formed.

4. To cause you to own things and achieve things beyond the scope of natural ability and capacity: It is the favour of God that can make you own things and achieve things that are beyond the scope of natural ability and capacity. Things people have tried to achieve and they fail, you will achieve it on your first trial.

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5. In order to be a channel of favour and blessings to others: God brings you to favour so that you can be a channel of favour and blessings to others. As he blesses you you can also bless others.

6. In order to put a seal of blessings upon your handwork:According to him, preserved blessings are your portion. So God puts a seal over your blessings for preservation in Jesus’ name. Also, the enemy shall no longer devour your increase.

7. To cause you to be desired and preferred more than others:

Favour helps people desire you more than other people and you even become more preferred. So you have to continually pray for the favour of God in your life.

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