Bishop Oyedepo Reveals What Can Block You From Receiving Your Colorful Destiny

There is the overtold story of the man who desired to emigrate to America from Europe. This man didn’t have enough money to make the trip, so he worked hard for a couple of months to gather enough money to buy the ticket to board the ship for America. While he was on the ship, he avoided attending the lunch room with the other passengers because he had no money to pay for the food. However, on the last day of the trip, he got the shock of his life as the captain informed him that his ticket covered all the benefits of the ship, including the feeding. The man was ignorant of all that his ticket afforded him, and he missed out on his rightful benefits. 

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Perhaps this is the experience of many believers today. Bishop Oyedepo has revealed that ignorance is the barrier that stops believers from enjoying the colorful destiny God has prepared for them. He said that knowledge is the antidote to a life of sweat and struggles.

Ignorance is expensive; you pay for what you don’t know. For example, if you could fix your car yourself, why would you pay for the services of a mechanic? It’s the same way you will pay for whatever you don’t know in the spiritual world.

For example, if you are ignorant of the righteousness that Jesus Christ died to give you, you will leave your life in perpetual condemnation and guilt. And if you are ignorant of God’s promise to supply your needs, it will cause you to miss out on the peace that comes with the trust that is generated with the knowledge of that promise.

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You get knowledge when you study. That’s why God commanded us to study in 1 Timothy. Determine that you will not be ignorant of whatever God has prepared for you, and the Holy Spirit will reveal them to you as you study. Be blessed.

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