Bishop Oyedepo Reveals What Happened When Armed Robbers Approached Him On The Highway

in the mid-week communion service, Bishop David Oyedepo preached a message on how to command signs and wonders through the altar of prayer and fasting.

He said that prayer and fasting is not just for bishops, pastors or Christian leaders, but it is for every single Christian because every Christian has an adversary, and to overcome the adversary, you need to be empowered by prayer and fasting.

He narrated an experience he had once that proved his point.

He said that while the Faith Tabernacle was being built, he went out one day at night, and while he was on the road, he noticed that armed robbers were operating. As he got to where they were, and they noticed it was him, they began to run away, screaming that they did not want his trouble.

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He said that kind of power is the kind of power that comes when a believer engages in a lifestyle of prayer and fasting. When a believer fasts and prays, his adversaries run away from him. It’s just like the Bible says in Psalms; it is through the greatness of his power that the enemy submits.

Source: Opera News

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