Bishop Oyedepo Reveals What He Did As A Single To Make Sure He Had A Successful Marriage – A Must Read!

Bishop David Oyedepo and his wife have been married for many years, and it seems like they have a very successful marriage. They have produced children who are doing well in life, and we have not heard news of any disagreement between him and his wife. I am sure you are wondering what the secret to his successful marital life is. Well, in the mid-week communion service yesterday, he revealed what he did to achieve this feat.

He said that he read eight books on marriage before he got marriage. He said this during his sermon on how to engage the force of wisdom to achieve success in life.

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He said that there is a difference between common sense and divine wisdom from God. Common sense will only give you common results. It will not take you far in life. But the wisdom of God will place you high above the nations of the earth.

He said he did the same thing when he was about to start ministry. He said that God told him to read the biographies of great men of God, observe their mistakes and avoid them, and emulate their good deeds. I’m sure that was the same thing he found when he was reading the books about marriage that has given him a successful marriage; he avoided the mistakes of the people who failed in their marriage, and emulated the things that the successful people did.

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What I noticed as I heard the Bishop preach is that he was not proud. If he was, he would have been unable to learn from all the authors he read. The Bible gives amazing promises of what God will do for the meek people, and the life of Bishop Oyedepo has shown that God will keep his promises. Be blessed.

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