Brothers, Don’t just go around and start planning for marriage until you ask yourself this question” – Archbishop Duncan Williams Advises Men

The Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International Ministry, Archbishop Duncan Williams spoke to his members about the purpose of marriage.

Speaking to the brothers, he revealed that before you start rapping to the sisters and making moves, find your assignment and your mandate. Don’t just go around and start planning for marriage until you ask yourself why you want to marry. He said that marriage has to be about fulfilling assignments and it shouldn’t be about pleasure, sex, and love. “God will bring you a woman necessary for your assignment if you find your assignment,” he said.

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Speaking to the sisters, he said that your man will come the day you find your assignment and stick to it. It shouldn’t be about you are growing, lonely, on fire, having sex, and to feel what others are feeling. It shouldn’t be about wanting to have someone to hold you at night or because you admire the way you see a brother and a sister together. It should also not be because you want to have kids or because all your friends and siblings are married.

According to him, marriage is not just about having kids though it is part of it; it should be bigger and more than that. He said that when you find your assignment as a sister, you are fulfilled in the Lord and life. Then when a brother comes, it adds to your value and makes the relationship better. It enhances the relationship than if you are not doing anything and you are waiting for a sugar daddy for some brother to come and take care of you. It disadvantages you.

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