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Cynthia Okafor was an 100 level student of Federal university of Owerri. She was a member of one of the most popular fellowships on campus.

Cynthia was well known for her passion for the things of God. She loved singing,so she joined the choir unit.In the choir unit, she happened to be one of the best Alto singers.

The person leading the unit graduated a year after Cynthia joined the choir. After the graduation, they needed someone to lead the choir. Then, the campus pastor called for a meeting, demanding that all choristers should be present.

On the day of the meeting, after the opening prayer and a brief exhortation, he gave a short speech, telling them he called the meeting so as to appoint a new choir leader.

There was a huge silence for some seconds.The pastor broke the silence and said “our new choir leader is… ,” he paused and looked at everyone’s faces.

He continued and said, “You see, it is good to serve God faithfully because no man serves God and regret.Our new choir leader is God fearing, fervent and passionate about the things of God, loves music and is also a good singer.” The choristers started wondering and guessing who the person could be.

“Our new choir leader is Sis. Cynthia Okafor”,he announced. They were all happy and gave a standing ovation as the pastor called her out for formal introduction.

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After the introduction, she gave a brief speech after which the pastor rounded off the meeting with prayers.

Cynthia went home after a brief meeting with the pastor. She also appreciated him for the privilege given to her to lead the choir.

She got to the room which she shared with two other sisters;Lola and Adesewa.

Adesewa happened to be in the ushering unit while Lola was just an ordinary member of the fellowship.

She broke the news to them and the duo was happy to hear that so they cooked a special food for dinner afterwards, they slept.

Things went on as usual until one day. They noticed that somethings were getting missing most especially money. This happened consecutively, but they overlooked it cause they had been living together for a long time and that had never happened.

On a particular day, Adesewa kept a sum of thirty thousand naira in her bag. The money was for her tuition fee.

She left the house with Lola since they were heading to the same direction, leaving only Cynthia in the room.

As soon as they had gone, Cynthia quickly stood up and went to where Adesewa kept the money. Adesewa and Lola, in their hurry and haste, forgot to pick their purse from the table where they had kept it the previous night.

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The moment they noticed that, they hurriedly rushed back home to pick it. As they entered, they saw Cynthia sitting close to Adesewa’s bag with the money in her hand.

She was surprised to see them and stylishly hid the money. Adesewa, however told her not to hide it because they already caught her stealing it.

She moved close to the bag and saw that it was opened which was a proof that it was her money Cynthia stole. Lola told her how disappointed she was in her.

“I never expected such from you!”, Adesewa busted out as she stormed out angrily. She went straight to the campus pastor to report to him.

When the pastor heard the story, he was surprised that Cynthia could still steal even with her fervency.

He called her to challenge her and surprisingly, she didn’t deny it.
The pastor stopped her from leading the choir.

Working for God is not a guarantee that you are saved.
You can be working for God and still be guilty of sin.

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From the story above, Cynthia knew that what she was doing was wrong and this is more reason why she does it in the secret. She was crafty in her dealings. She acts innocent in the open but in the secret was something else.

She was busy, yet guilty. She was busy working for God, fervently and passionately, but deep down she knew all she was doing was unacceptable before God. She was doing all just to impress people, not God.

The fact is that, if all your aim and focus is to please men in everything you do, you want people to accept all you offer, definitely you are after men’s praises and reward. There is no way you can please God with such mindset.

You can be the most prayerful brother or sister in the church, the best soloist, or even a pastor and still be guilty.

You just have to be faithful, make sure your heart is pure, serve God truthfully, be sincere in all your dealings with God and you will be glad you did.

No man serves God faithfully and regret.

Remember, you can be busy, yet guity.

Written by: Sis Oyemade Priscilla
Picture credit:Internet

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