Can Someone Who Does Not Believe In Christ Receive Healing And Miracles? – Pastor Damina Explains

He said a person who does not believe in Christ can receive miracles and healing. To corroborate his points, he referred to the Jews who received miracles and were healed from their diseases even as they rejected Jesus because of their unbelief. It was their unbelief that made Christ start teaching them in parables. The essence of the parables was to break down the mysteries of the kingdom so they will understand.

In the video, the cleric said, “It’s one thing to be healed and it’s another thing to believe in Jesus. A man can receive miracles and healing but does not believe in Jesus. Some Jews rejected Christ but they received miracles. As a result, He taught them in parables to explain the mysteries of the kingdom of God and cure their unbelief. That is why I will continue to say that faith in Christ is not the same as faith for healing and miracles”.

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