Celebrate Christmas But Do It With Wisdom – Apostle Joshua Selman cautions

Apostle Joshua Selman, the founder and Senior Pastor of the Eternity Network International spoke about the Law of Seasons.

He said that for most believers December looks like the most visionless period of the year. It is when they give up God, give up purpose, give up everything in the name of purpose. He said that he is not against the celebration but most people are often careless financially during this period. All the wisdom and teachings are being dissolved during December because people make money on profitless things all in the name of celebration.

He explained that every dry season comes with a letter from the rainy season, “I’m coming,” and every rainy season comes with a letter from the dry season, “I’m also coming back.” He said that December has a letter from January, “I must come.” He advised them not to just embrace December and told them to read the letter that January 2022 sent to December. There are certain expenses that need to be catered for in January, so you have to read the letter so that you won’t become the lean cow of yourself that swallows you the fat cow.

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Finally, he advised them to celebrate Christmas but they should do so with wisdom. He said that some people make enemies during Christmas because they involve themselves with matters that do not concern them.

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