Certain People Are In Your Life For A Season; When That Season Is Through, Let Them Go – Apostle Johnson Suleman

Certain people are in your life for a season; when that season is through, let them go - Apostle Johnson Suleman

Certain people enter your life for a reason; when their time comes, let them go – Apostle Johnson Suleman

God created the human race to cooperate together. People are designed to aid one another; thus, they go hand in hand. At some point, you will meet individuals who will be valuable to you, while you will also be of tremendous assistance to others. However, this procedure is not meant to last forever. People can depart at any time since humans are progressive.

Certain people are in your life for a season; when that season is through, let them go – Apostle Johnson Suleman

In a video released on his official Facebook page, Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministry discussed the prospect of individuals constantly wanting to leave at some point in time.As the cleric emphasizes at 01:07 in the video, certain individuals are with you for a season, and when that season is through, when they have fulfilled the specified goal, whether divinely arranged or not, let them leave.

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According to the priest, there are some individuals in your life for a purpose, and when that reason is fulfilled, do not be afraid to let them go. There are also people in your life who are there to teach you a lesson. They are there to influence certain unique teachings that will benefit your life. Take the time to absorb these teachings. Do not disprove them.

There are times and seasons in life when people are supposed to accomplish certain things; always take your time to understand this and give way to the perfection of life, especially the fulfillment of God’s will.

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