Check Out Five (5) Health Benefits of Apple

Apple is one of the sweetest and most nutritious fruits. There is a popular saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Apples are usually used as a snack, especially as lunch. It contains various vitamins and nutrients that are highly beneficial to the body. 

Below are the amazing health benefits of apples for the body. 

1. It aids digestion

Apples contain pectin, which helps to prevent constipation. It also contains fibre that aids in slow digestion.  It also helps to stop diarrhoea.  You can decide to eat it raw or as a smoothie to enjoy this benefit. Eating apples helps to regulate your bowels. 

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2. It prevents cancer

Apples contains anti-oxidants, which plays a large role in fighting off diseases. It may reduce the risk of certain cancers as a result of the antioxidants. Research has shown that that apples limit cancer cell growth. It reduces risk of certain cancers including breast, oral cavity, esophageal and colorectal cancer. Women who eat more apples during young adulthood have a lower breast cancer risk later in life. 

3. It supports weight loss

Apples are filled with dietary fibre which slows down the digestion of food and the rise of blood sugar. This prevents you from overeating. Apples also contains high water content which increase satiety and reduces your appetite. For people struggling with obesity, apples are one of the fruits they should consider.

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4. It lowers the risk of heart diseases

Apples are one of the fruits that lower the risk of heart disease. It contains antioxidants that reduce the oxidants in fats called lipid peroxidation. It also neutralizes various fats that could block blood vessels to the heart. It also contains the polyphenol, epicatechin, which lowers blood pressure in the body. 

Apples also contains soluble fibre that lowers the level of cholesterol in the body.

5. It improves dental health

 Do you know eating apples helps to clean your teeth? The fibre in apples cleans your teeth and your gums. It also contains antibacterial properties that keeps gum bacteria and viruses far from your teeth. Eating apples also helps to stimulate the secretion of saliva which reduces mouth odor or the ability of bacteria to grow in your mouth.

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