Christian University Sets A New Record For Enrolment

Christian University Sets A New Record For Enrolment
Christian University Sets A New Record For Enrolment

Christian Institution sets a new record for the number of Students enrolled

One of the newest colleges to accomplish such a milestone, a Christian university, has given God the glory for the record number of students it welcomed this year, both online and in person.

Through its residential and online programs, Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, welcomed more than 130,000 new students last autumn. The campus had a record-breaking 15,800 students, and 115,000 people enrolled in the online program to work toward their degrees there.

The school also gives online Christian education to K–12 students through its Liberty University Online Academy, which had 18,400 students last fall.

4,600 incoming freshmen will be residing on campus this year, which is not far behind Liberty’s 4,800 freshmen and transfer undergraduates from the previous year. According to a statement from Liberty, the school’s residential population includes students from all 50 states and more than 80 foreign nations.

As the number of students at Liberty grew, the school started remodeling and building new buildings. It also added more degree programs.

Christian University Sets A New Record For Enrolment

An email from a spokesman to The Christian Post late on Monday said, “Liberty built up its campus infrastructure to handle expansion and is starting new projects, such as another resident hall tower, a third parking deck, and a 120,000-square-foot, two-story dining hall.”

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“God continues to bless Liberty University, and we are pleased to have begun this year off strong with our greatest student body ever,” interim president Jerry Prevo said. This wonderful university has grown and elevated to become a top option in the country because of our Christian purpose, top-tier academics, and NCAA Division I sports. Campus life is amazing right now.

In addition to a rise in enrollment, Liberty University’s provost and chief academic officer, Scott Hicks, noted that the institution is also seeing excellent retention rates. Hicks thinks this shows that the school is “adding value” to the lives of its current students while also meeting the needs of new students.

“Our people’s hearts are at the center of the issue. The chief academic officer added, “Educating the full person and being obedient to Christ is how we bring the greatest value.” We are seeing the fruit because we have stayed true to our initial objective, training Champions for Christ. “

In its purpose and theological declarations, Liberty University declares that one of its missions is to assist students in achieving their academic objectives while simultaneously preparing them to be “champions for Christ.” The institution contains 15 colleges and schools, together with a law school and a medical school, and provides students with 700 different study options, in addition to another 450 online.

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According to Liberty officials, part of the university’s success can be attributed to staying true to founder Jerry Falwell’s vision of “training champions for Christ,” the spokesperson said, adding that many institutions of higher learning have done so while providing no viable alternatives to the failing status quo of numerous universities and educational systems. Liberty’s success may be attributed to the fact that it is not embarrassed of its Christian heritage. There are now more than 800 courses you can take through Liberty. These courses include degrees in engineering, law, and osteopathic medicine.

Ron Kennedy, the school’s executive vice president of enrollment management and marketing, praised God for the school’s record-breaking enrollment numbers. He said that God had done “above and beyond” for the school.

In a statement, he said, “Liberty’s effects are actually being felt all over the world because our online program is growing all the time.”

Kennedy, who was probably alluding to how the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns affected student learning, said that the institution is not the only one to have had difficulties during the previous three years.

When seeing visitors in person wasn’t possible, he remarked, “It’s a challenge for such a major institution as Liberty, but we were able to serve our guests via virtual tours and admission sessions.” When it was essential, we adapted to distant operations without sacrificing the quality of our services. All the while, God has been kind to us.

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After approximately 160 students and staff members were infected with COVID-19 in August of last year, Liberty put in place interim mitigating measures to prevent the virus’ spread. Large indoor meetings were temporarily suspended, and residential programs were temporarily moved online.

The university said in March 2020 that it would continue to operate despite the shutdown of all schools in the state. However, in order to preserve social distance, several courses were delivered online.

Some bigger indoor events are merely being temporarily scaled down at this time. Students are allowed to utilize the campus amenities and meal options as normal and will NOT be locked in their dormitories. Only pupils with recent positive cases and those who have been shown to have had close contact with those who have tested positive will be placed under quarantine. “All others are free to roam and take pleasure in our lovely campus as usual,” the institution said in a statement.

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