Christians Should Live The Glorious Life And Not Just The Deeper Life – Pastor Isaiah Wealth

Pastor Isaiah Wealth spoke about what God told him about the various movements in the church during this end time. As we prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ the church has to be united.

The man of God revealed that the church must move into the glorious life, not the glorious life nor the deeper life. The glorious life is the combination of all. In explaining the glorious life, the man of God revealed that God showed him four movements that are among Christians today. Though God is the combination of the four, it has caused division among Christians. He read the book of Ephesians 3:18 which says”

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“May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the bread th, and length, and depth, and height.”

The Lord revealed to him that there has been the breadth movement, the length movement, the depth movement, and the height movement. He also said that it is time for the combination of the four movements. Therefore the glorious life is a dimension that has the breadth, length, height, and depth movements. You cannot have that glorious life if you don’t combine all these four axis.

Speaking further, he explained the four movements. He said that the depth movement focuses on the depth of God. They emphasize deeper life, holiness, and heaven. The height movement focuses on the height of God. They talk about higher life, excellence, and anointing. The length movement focuses on the length of God. They emphasize the lengthier life, religion, and relationship. The breadth movement focuses on the breadth of God. They emphasize the broader life, business, hard work, and career.

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Finally, the man of God revealed that God wants a combination of the four movements. We should be able to combine holiness with excellence just as Daniel did and imbibe both attributes in our relationships and businesses.

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