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Zi XV Covenant University Couple Makes List Of Top 20 Economics, Accounting Researchers - Nobelie

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Covenant University couple makes list of top 20 economics, accounting researchers

Posted by on September 27, 2021 — Drop A Comment

A couple with Covenant University, Ota Ogun State has made the list of top 20 researchers in economics and accounting.

Professor Uwalomwa Uwuigbe and Professor Olubukola O. Uwuigbe emerged among the top 20 most productive Nigerian researchers in accounting and economics.

Prof Uwaloma Uwuigbe

The couple emerged as number two and 17 respectively in the 2021 AD Scientific Index ranking of Economics in Nigeria.

Professor Uwalomwa Uwuigbe is the Dean, College of Management and Social Sciences, Covenant University and a former Head of Accounting Department.

He is currently the editor in chief of the African Multidisciplinary Tax Journal (AMTJ) owned by the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF).

Uwuigbe has served as external examiner to University of Johannesburg, South Africa and University of Ghana.

Professor Olubukola O. Uwuigbe

His wife, Professor Olubukola O. Uwuigbe is the former Head, Department of Accounting, Covenant University.

She is a lead researcher for African Accounting and Finance Association 2020/ 2021 research grant.

She is a member of Programme Advisory Committee for Masters in Accounting, Namibia University of Science and Technology. She is also an external reviewer for South Africa’s National Research Foundation.

In their professional quest, they are Associate members of Chartered Management Accountants (CIMA, UK); Associate, Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMA); Associate Members, Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (ACTI), Fellow, International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation (FCFIP). They are also Fellow, Association of Forensic Accounting Researchers in Nigeria.

The couple, which has been in the active service of Covenant University for over 17 years, has won many awards in the past.

A recent one is the 2020/2021 AAFA/PAN Africa research grant, which is on the Fourth Industrial Revolution Education in Africa.


They have both published collaborative research in different reputable journals in corporate governance, Ethics, CSR and Environmental Accounting.

Uwalomwa started his lecturing career at the Federal College of Education Kastina where he did his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) between 1998 and 1999.

He joined Covenant University as a lecturer in June 2004 and has remained in the services of the University till date.

He has served in various capacities which include, Chairman, Covenant University Student Discipline Committee from 2017 till date.

He was the Head of Department, Accounting, School of Business, Covenant University from 2014 to 2016.

He was also Chairman, College of Business and Social Sciences Conference and Seminar Committee, 2014 – 2016.

He is a member of the Board of Covenant Microfinance Bank Ltd and has supervised over 100 students at B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD levels.

Uwuigbe has published several articles in learned journals and chapters in books. He was a recipient of several achievements/scholarship, Fellowships and Prizes awards, and has attended several Conferences both locally and internationally.

On her part, Professor Olubukola Uwuigbe’s research interest cuts across Corporate Governance, Accounting Ethics, Auditing, Gender and Financial Accounting, in the process bagging awards like the 2009 Travel Grant by the European Academy on Internal Audit and Corporate Governance, UK, and 2009/2010 Ph.D Research Grant by Covenant University Center for Research & Development (CUCERD).

Olubukuola-Uwuigbe academic investment has resulted in notable international linkages such as the European Academy on Internal Audit and Corporate Governance and CASS Business School United Kingdom and other corporate governance networks (ICGN)

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One interesting discovery from the list is that Covenant University has the joint highest number of scientists six (6) with the University of Ibadan in this top flight, with academics in private universities dominating the top 20 list.

There are eleven dons from private universities leaving only eight places for federal and one for state university.

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