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Daddy Kumuyi gives million dollar admonition to youths aspiring success

Posted by on September 11, 2021 — Drop A Comment

Aspirants are the people that aspire, they have something in them and they have an eagle vision. They aspire by;1. Grace 2. To grow3. They aspire for the goodness of the Lord. They have the goodness of the Lord on them already but they aspire by grace, for growth and His goodness.4. For the goal: If you are going to make anything in life, the moment the goal set before you is the peak of your career, you say, that is why I studied, that is why I was trained, this is my goal and every day you are aspiring to that goal, you aspire towards Godliness.5. You aspire to be greater, you want to be greater today than you were yesterday. Because you aspire you are not competing with anybody but with yourself. Today I compete with myself, what I was yesterday, I am aspiring to be greater than I was yesterday.5. You aspire for His glory: the final glory, aspire. The Achiever’s Alphabet For Aspirants. Alphabets are the A, B, C, you cannot write any story without the alphabets, the story of your life if it is going to be written for people to read, you need the alphabets. A – Acknowledge, you have to acknowledge God in your life. Proverbs 3:5-7, acknowledge God, He is your creator, your redeemer, provider, supporter. Acknowledge yourself, what He planted in you, what he gave you to mount up with, acknowledge Him and acknowledge yourself.B – Believe, you believe in God, in Christ and yourself. Believing in God and Christ is great, but believing in yourself that, I can, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and because I can I will and because I will I must, you compel yourself, you are your own policeman to drive you, to make you the man and woman you want to be, believe. Mark 9:23C – To Conquer, you cannot conquer the world until you have conquered yourself, you cannot conquer the society until you conquer yourself. You must conquer, there are things that stand in your way and say that goal you cannot make it, you conquer that thing and then you move on. Romans 8:37.D – To Decide, people that are always here and there, wavering, the man and woman that makes it in life is the one that takes decisions. Daniel 1:8, Daniel decided not to defile himself with the portion of the King’s meal.E – Eliminate, there are many things that come into our life, they crowd our time and the essential things of life. Learn to eliminate those things out of your life. Psalms 101:3 hate the work, the idea that will distract you, I hate the work of them that turn aside. F – Forget, the things that have happened in life, nobody has gone through this life without being misunderstood, misrepresented, criticized or condemned. If you are going through life carrying a bag of pebbles, you want to climb the mountain? Forget the past. If you don’t forget those past things you will not be able to move on. Isaiah 43:18-19You are going forward in the society and some things are scattered, something new will happen to you, the best thing will happen to you in Jesus Name. They will not write the story of your family without your name in it, they will say he made our family great, he made our family to be known because you forget the past and allowed the Lord to do a new thing in your life, behold I will do a new thing now, shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the deserts. G – Give, the way we get up in life is that we give a helping hand, a smile, the knowledge we have got to benefit society. You give and give and what you give us what you are sowing, what you sow is what you will reap. If you give nothing, you get nothing. If you are going through life and all of the things you have got you give nothing, you go through life and everyone will forget you but if you are always giving whatever you have, always sharing, Acts 20:35, it is more blessed to give than to receive because if you always receive that’s all you have if you give it will be given unto you in measures that it will be pressed down, shaken together, running over will men with God put in your bosom. H – Hold, you hold fast, hold on, hold forth, a person that holds on will not be a person hidden behind the rocks, he is always stretching forth, always giving something that is why Jesus said in Revelation 2:25, that which you have already, you must know you have something, you have Jesus, the promise, that which you have already, hold fast till I come. The Lord will meet you holding fast in Jesus Name.I – Ignore, you know there are things happening in the exam hall for example a dog is barking, if you concentrate on that, you just have to ignore. Other people are doing whatever, ignore, if you don’t ignore you will be dancing to every tune and if you dance to every tune around you, you will soon be lame in your legs, if you learn to ignore, you will make it. Proverbs 24:21-22 You will make it!Don’t get involved with anything that will not help you keep on climbing and getting to your goal. IgnoreJ – Judge, I thought we are not supposed to judge people, we judge ideas, opinions, happenings, judge for yourself, 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22, you are not judging people but their ideas, opinions, principles, practices. Hold fast that which is good, abstain from all appearance of evil. K – Know, you know God, you must know yourself, what am I created for? In following a course and following through I must know what I have the ability and skill to do and then pursue that. Proverbs 19:2, that a soul being without the knowledge of God is not good. L – Love, Matthew 22:37-40, He loves us so much He gave His only begotten son, He gave the greatest gift we can have from heaven and we have to give Him ourselves. He says in verse 38, this is the first commandment and the great commandment. Verse 39 says the second is that thou shall love thy neighbor as thy self and verse 40 says on these two commandments, loving God and loving men hang all the Law and the Prophets. M – Move, the two words I need to throw out to you are motion and emotion. Emotion is I feel down, I feel fearful, rejected, I cannot move forward. You cannot change that emotion by just thinking, the motion changes the emotion that is why anytime you are down, you have difficult or challenge, anytime it appears you cannot move on, move, do something, get up, by the time your feet, hands and head are in motion, your emotions will change, you will not remain down, fearful. In church when something is said that is registered in your heart you say Amen. Moses said in Exodus 14:13-15, fear not, stand still, if you stand still, your fear will remain there. In verse 15 it says the Lord said to Moses, speak to the Children of Israel that they go forward, don’t allow the fear to keep you standing still, don’t ever standstill. Let each day contribute to the progress you are making towards the goal.

source: Church Gist

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