Dag Heward-Mills Opens Up On How His Son’s Death Affected Him, Encourages Christians to remain thankful and strong in Times of adversity

The Founder and Presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Group of Churches, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, has encouraged Christians to remain thankful and strong in the things of the Lord even in adversity.

He said sometimes the Lord allowed different situations to happen so that people will experience different shades of life or help in their walk with the Lord and in leading people.

Speaking about his experiences for the first time about the passing of his son, Bishop Dag said he went through pain and sometimes saw different pictures of his son.

However, he said the scriptures thought that those experiences would happen to strengthen the Christian.Preaching with the theme scripture, Isaiah 40:1-3, he said the Lord comforts his children from all the different types of experiences, including the painful ones.

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He supported it with Revelations 20 where the Lord speaks about the dragon being loosened for a season which meant hardships that must necessarily hit man out of which people are made to learn lessons and fortified for certain assignments.

Bishop Dag said having gone through all, the glory and the beauty of the Lord will be upon those people.

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