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Dave Coulier discusses his tremendous grief over Bob Saget’s passing, as well as America’s need for Jesus’ compassion (part 2)

Dave Coulier discusses his tremendous grief over Bob Saget’s passing, as well as America’s need for Jesus’ compassion (part 2)

In a recent interview with The Christian Post, actor and comedian Dave Coulier discussed the profound sorrow he felt after losing close friends and family members, notably Bob Saget.

“Live + Local,” a brand-new series on the Pure Flix platform for Christians, stars Coulier. He recently discussed his path to sobriety with CP and how it helped him grieve more clearly. Coulier discussed how his alcoholism was hurting his spirituality and other elements of his life in part 1 of his conversation with CP. He hadn’t realized how much his drinking had escalated over the years.

Coulier, who is best known for playing Uncle Joey in the classic television sitcom “Full House” and its spin-off “Fuller House,” made a commitment to a sober lifestyle on January 1, 2020, and has maintained that commitment ever since. Coulier made that crucial decision, suffered some of his worst losses shortly after, and described the experience as “extremely sobering.”

He continued, “It was a wake-up call.” “I came to the realization that I could no longer add more layers of booze to mask the painful road of life. I came to the realization that I had to genuinely experience the emotion and rawness of it.

After Coulier’s brother Dan committed himself, the losses started to pile up a year ago. Dan had experienced a great deal of difficulty throughout his life, but the performer was unaware of the extent of his brother’s mental health issues.

Every day was a struggle for him, and every day he preferred not to be here, Coulier told CP. “That illustrates how difficult a choice he had to make in the end. At my dad’s house, I located my brother in the basement. He was discovered by me.

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You want to discuss a heart punch, right? That gave my heart and soul a tremendously hard punch. And trust me, without the layers of alcohol to cover it up, I felt that more than ever while sober.

Not only was the humorous actor forced to handle his brother’s business after his passing, but his 90-year-old father also suffered the loss of his son and principal caregiver.

After relocating his father to an assisted-living facility, Coulier described how he took care of him: “Being there every day for him, at his side visiting him and making sure he had all he needed, utilizing our faith to give to him.” “After that, Bob Saget died. And you want to discuss another heartbreak since it happened so suddenly, exactly like my brother’s did.

Co-star of “Full House” with Coulier, Saget, was discovered dead in a Florida hotel room on January 9 at the age of 65.

“John Stamos was the one to contact and inform me that Bob had passed away. I responded, “What do you mean? Throughout the day yesterday, I texted him. He declared, “He’s dead.” He was discovered dead in his hotel room,” Each of us has had defining emotional, spiritual, or psychological events. And for me, that was it.

“I was really shocked by that. Because I was so busy supporting my father, I hadn’t even had time to mourn the loss of my brother. And when that hit me so hard, I was overcome with emotion. There were only watery walls and sadness, he claimed.

When Saget was an 18-year-old “struggling stand-up” comic in Detroit, Coulier first met him.

“We just instantly bonded as brothers. I couldn’t understand it, he said, “to know someone for 40+ years like that and then have them suddenly torn away while you’re speaking to him the day before. I simply lacked the resources to handle such, which was inconceivable to a human being.

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But again, I’m grateful that I was sober. I was able to confront everything head-on and make an effort to understand everything. I was painting emotionally on a large canvas. It wasn’t like I had to paint this one tiny piece in when everything else was already painted. It was the complete spectrum of everything a person could ever experience.

Coulier’s father passed just a few months after Saget.

The losses kept happening.

“In the meanwhile, Norm Macdonald passed away. Anderson Louie passed away. Death of Gilbert Gottfried. Then another one of my closest pals from my home state of Michigan passes away. There was no way I was going to make it through this journey, I simply reasoned to myself. Because I was using alcohol to numb my spirituality, I couldn’t have felt it. Therefore, using crutches to get through this was not an option for me.

“Emotionally, it’s been like standing on my own two feet for the past 2.5 years.

“We’ve all suffered terrible losses. We all experience extremely trying moments. I didn’t anticipate that mine would all happen in a compressed year. But if someone is able to identify with me and my struggles, you know that sometimes we need to be sobered up by the struggles and losses that we all have and can relate to.

When CP questioned Coulier about a picture of him walking alongside actress Candace Cameron Bure at Saget’s memorial ceremony while she was donning a sweater that read, “Love Like Jesus, Embrace Like Bob Saget,” he responded, “Love like Jesus and hug like Bob Saget. That is as straightforward as it gets. That pretty about sums it up.

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It simply states, “Love. Recently, I’ve discussed the situation of our country and the state of the world a lot with friends. And I recently remarked, “I don’t give a damn about your politics.” I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican or whether you hold a particular belief. In this nation, we must return to the term “United,” which is the most significant one in the name of the nation.

“With all of this hatred and division, we are all currently losing, so we need to remain the United States of America. We must give each other our whole attention. The only way to do it is via love if we are to support one another and be together.

Coulier, a Catholic by upbringing, said he’s glad he sobered up since drinking had a negative impact on everything in his life, including his spirituality.

“Discussing all of this has been a real adventure. Peeling back all those layers and getting to the core of “Who is Dave?” has really been the trip. I had to be honest with myself before I could be honest with everyone else. He asked CP, “Who am I really?”

“Full House and Fuller House are no longer widely available. On that show, we confess our love for one another. And I believe that watching our show is somewhat like video comfort food for many children and parents. It makes you feel loved, a part of a family, and a part of a community. That’s what we’re most proud of, in my opinion.

On July 7, Pure Flix will start airing his new show “Live + Local.” To learn more, go here.

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