“Dear Christians Please When The World Cup is Over Show The Same Passion to Your Bible Study” – Pastor Brandon Bailey Advises Believers

Founder and Senior Pastor, Teleios Church, Johannesburg, South Africa Brandon Bailey has written a note to Christians urging them to show the same passion they exhibited during the world cup to their Bible study. 

In his words, 

“Dear Christian

We entertained all your World Cup debates, we came down and met you at your level. We matched your passion and enthusiasm. 

We went back and forth with you on your GOAT debates, we laughed and cried with you. 

I have one humble request, when the World Cup is over please show the same passion to our christian bible study, the unpacking of scriptures and our christian witness

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Go and google the terminology we use and the verses we quote with the same enthusiasm you googled meaningless football stats. 

Dont call us religious when we show the passion and drive for the word but match our passion.  

Dont say christians just wanna be ”deep” on Facebook, we allowed you to be deep in your love for CR7 and Messi. 

Play us fair when all this is over. You should know what Fairplay means. 

Kind Regards, 


A passionate christian who entertains soccer enthusiast from time to time.

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