Demands Made To Bola Tinubu By CAN And What He Told Them During Their Meeting

Demands Made To Bola Tinubu By CAN And What He Told Them During Their Meeting
Demands Made To Bola Tinubu By CAN And What He Told Them During Their Meeting

Bola Tinubu’s responses to the demands made by CAN and what he said to them during their meeting

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN, met with Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressive Congress’ (APC’s presidential candidate, on Wednesday and made several requests known to him.

Some members of the Christian body have in the past harboured criticisms the APC presidential ticket which is made of two Muslims. But the body put behind their criticisms and met with the APC presidential candidate and gave him seven demands that he should meet if he is elected president.

Demands Made To Bola Tinubu By CAN And What He Told Them During Their Meeting

The Christian Association of Nigeria’s leadership, led by its new president Daniel Ukoh, reportedly sent APC candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu a charter of demands and issues.

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Among those demands are the following:

1. Equal rights for all religions and their adherents.

2. No to open grazing.

3. State police or a decentralized policing system

4. Devolution of power to states.

5. right to self-determination by all ethnic groups.

6. Right to control natural resources by communities that bear them.

7. Equitable electoral system that guarantees the right to vote and be voted for by all.

Bola Tinubu said in his address to the Christian organization that he had collaborated with Christians in the past while serving as governor of Lagos State to better people’s lives and promote education. He further cited the fact that it was he who gave the mission schools in Lagos back to their primarily Christian proprietors.

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He further assured them that he does not discriminate neither does he prejudice against anybody on the basis of religion as that would be a recipe for failure.

According to him, “I have never lent myself to baseless prejudice and discrimination. To do so would be a recipe for failure in the governance of a diverse society and I am not a man that is familiar with failing.”

“I never drove someone from Lagos or made them feel unwelcome.” Lagos has welcomed newcomers during my administration and still does now.

“Lagos has had two Christian governors and one Muslim governor after me. I might not be faultless. What is a human being? However, I do not have hidden biases and prejudices since I am not a small-minded individual.

The former governor continued by discussing his goals for the nation should he win the presidency in 2023. He pledged to rebalance the economy to provide better jobs, fight hunger, and abolish fuel subsidies because they have become ineffective and only benefit the elites.

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