Do Drag Queens Represent “What America Is All About”?

Can Drag Queens really represent “What America Is all About?”

Last night’s Emmys.
Zendaya won best lead actress in a drama series for HBO’s Euphoria, a sexualized and graphic show that even Common Sense Media had to describe.
The same goes for The White Lotus, HBO’s best limited series.

When a political leader says drag queens are “what America is all about,” transgender characters are increasingly featured in video games and on TV, and a Texas teacher advises kids to call pedophiles “minor-attracted folks,” our moral compass is shattered and nonexistent.

Margaret Court, winner of 24 Grand Slam singles titles, has said that her Christian convictions had made her unpopular in tennis.
Since she rejected same-sex marriage in her country, the blowback has been harsh.

LGBTQ advocates want Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena renamed.
She answers, “They received everything in marriage and more.
Why, when you should be so pleased, do you take it out on those who don’t share your beliefs?
“I don’t comprehend.”

LGBTQ groups are pressuring US senators to endorse the Respect for Marriage Act, which expands same-sex marriage protections without religious liberty protections.
A Justice Department official called Alliance Defending Freedom a “hate group.”

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Religious drag queens

In Ezekiel 5, the Lord states of Jerusalem, “She has rebelled against my commandments by practicing wickedness more than the nations” (v. 6).
Her “wickedness” was “greater than the nations” because she knew better.

“Not many of you should become instructors, my brothers, for you know we will be judged more strictly” (James 3:1).
More knowledge means more responsibility.

Satan has added to our deceptions.

Many Americans reject Scripture’s moral reality while claiming Christian faith.
Many so-called “people of faith” have been busily undermining the faith, from praying for God to bless late-term abortion clinics to using Christian “compassion” in support of euthanasia to employing drag queens as worship leaders.

Cowboys fan

Deception is more potent when the deceivers are duped.

In our postmodern environment, we believe we’re Christians if we say so.
I’m a Democrat or Republican if I say so, regardless of how I vote.
If I claim I’m a fan, I am.
If I declare I’m “non-binary” or transgender, I am.
We’re both Christian.

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Relationships are different.
I couldn’t marry Janet unless she consented.
I couldn’t say I graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary until it did.
I wasn’t their pastor until they called me.

We’re Christians only if Christ says so.
He says we’re Christians if we’ve made Jesus our Savior and Lord and “become God’s children” (John 1:12).
Only biblical claims are true.
God is pleased when we do what he says.

“Rescue those in danger”

Jude told his readers, “Some have snuck in unobserved…
who corrupts God’s grace” (v. 4).
He urged other Christians to “contend for the faith once handed to the saints” (v. 3).

This command applies to every aspect of our existence, every day.

This “striving” starts at home.
We must measure everything we think, feel, say, and do by God’s word (Hebrews 4:12) under God’s Spirit (Ephesians 5:18).
One poor step can lead to more.
One degree off, and the plane misses its destination.

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We must embrace biblical truth more fervently as our culture rejects it.

This “strenuous endeavor” affects everyone we touch.
When we guide others from the deceiver to the Savior, we “snatch them out of the flames” (Jude 23).

“You can make me good”

Our Father will aid us if we renew our vow to “contend for the faith once bequeathed to the saints.”

John Baillie prayed, “Dear Father, take this day’s life into your keeping.”
Guide my emotions.
Focus my efforts.
Tell me.
Keep my resolve.
Give me talent to serve you.
Make my feet quick to perform as you wish.
Keep my eyes on your eternal beauty.
Give me words to share your love.

“Make this day one of obedience, joy, and peace.
Make today’s work part of my Lord Jesus’ kingdom, in whose name these prayers are said.

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