Do You Know The Reason Why All Your Rebuking And Binding The Devil Hasn’t Worked? — Check Out What Bishop TD Jakes Has To Say

Bishop TD Jakes is the presiding Bishop of Potter’s House Church in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. Ndepo Tv has shared a sermon delivered by the cleric on the major reasons why believers do pray fervently in rebuking and binding the devil and it has not had any impact. As shared by Ndepo Tv, the cleric has listed several reasons which are born out of a believer’s lifestyle to have been the cause for unanswered prayers.

1Inability to listen and obey God’s directions: According to the Ndepo Tv, the cleric has employed the example of the life of Abraham, in how God instructed him to leave his father’s land and go on a journey to a place where He would show him. Abraham obeyed immediately. It seems so ridiculous to set out on an indefinite destination but, he did not question God but moved out to obey His commandments. This is unlike nowadays. People want immediate results, at all times. Abraham and Isaac had to live their lives believing in God and being patient enough to wait for the fulfilment of His promises. Working into the blessings and purposes of God is a journey, not an instantaneous thing, it doesn’t happen automatically. People nowadays want something instantaneous. They cannot wait for the time of God. We live in an automated age, where we want it fast, not understanding how essential the journey is.

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2. Whenever there is a bad time, believers are always ready to pray against the devil and pray for the restoration of the good times. Believers are always on alert to rebuke and bind the devil for some situations, whereas, God does use some situations to perfect His will. So many people always pray against famine and the famine is a catalyst that God uses to move you from place to place. Not just balance for food, it can be a famine for peace, famine for life, famine for unity. But often when God does not move in the place you want Him to move, He will allow you to experience famines to force you to pack your things and move to the next dimension. That’s why all your rebuking and binding the devil, has not worked because God can allow the famine to move you into the next dimension of what He is going to do in your life.

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3. God does move generationally while most of us think situationally. God would want to transform the life of an individual, not just for the present time, but for generations. The journey of the Israelites in the wilderness was not to cater for the present situation for the people. They were not able to enjoy the moment because God has a plan for their children. We are always praying to God about situations when God has a generational plan. Sometimes, God does not move you for you, He moves you for your descendants.

4. So many people want to see their children blessed, but they are so focused on their dream and comfort. They are so engrossed in their self-satisfaction without having any plans for their children. They cannot sacrifice their present situation for the enjoyment of their children in the future. That is to say, they do not accept inconvenience to accomplish the divine purpose. The purpose will always require inconvenience. God told Abraham that his children will sojourn in Egypt for 400years and afterwards, they will come out with great substance. Before Abraham dies, God speaks to him and says your children will sojourn in Egypt for 400years and afterwards they will come out with great substance.

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