Do You Want God To Embarass You With Blessings? – Check Out What Reno Omokri Says You Must Do

Reno Omokri who is also a popular Nigerian Public Commentator and Human Rights Activist has said that Christians don’t need to pay tithes if they want God to bless them abundantly.

He stated this on his social media page some couple of hours ago. He encourages Christians to make efforts to read the scriptures for themselves. He said tithe payment is not meant for every believer but for those who are Levites. He backed his claim with the book of Numbers 18:21.

He then said what will make God to bless people is their readiness to honour and pamper their parents according to the book of Ephesians

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His post read in full, “Read Scripture yourself. If you want God to embarrass you with blessings, you do NOT have to pay tithes. Tithes are ONLY for Levitical priests, who were not allowed to do secular work-Num 18:21. If you want God’s blessings, honor and pamper your parents-Eph 6:2-3”.

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