Does God’s Will Conflict with Prayer? On TikTok, a pastor and an atheist witch argue

Does God's Will Conflict with Prayer? On TikTok, a pastor and an atheist witch argue

Does God’s Will Ever Get in the Way of Prayer? TikTok Discussion Between a Minister and an Atheist Witch

Response from Pastor Contests Claim That Prayer Is a Contradiction.

Jordan Dwayne, also known as “Jordan the Grey Witch,” responded to a remark made by one of her fans who stated: “Prayer is a paradox. You want God to alter his plan for you whenever you feel like it, but he has a plan for you.

I’ve been wanting to speak about this for a long time, so I appreciate you bringing it up, Dwayne remarked. You do think that your all-knowing, all-powerful, and almighty God formed each and every one of us by hand and made us precisely the way we are, right? How is it possible that when you “pray for me,” asking God to save me, you are not violating your own God’s will, given that he created me as an atheist and gave me the freedom to believe or disbelieve?…Why are you so conceited to think you are wiser than your own God?

“I’ve asked so many Christians this and have never received an honest response,” one follower said.

They never do, according to Dwayne.

Does God’s Will Conflict with Prayer? On TikTok, a pastor and an atheist witch argue

In the video’s comments, user Bekka Santos tagged Robin Schultz and requested Schultz’s opinion on Dwayne’s challenge. Schultz, who describes himself as a “software engineer by day, preacher by night” on his page, often publishes videos in which he offers commentary on theological issues. He put together Dwayne’s video with his own and put out a response video on October 4 that took Dwayne’s comments in pieces.

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First, Schultz objected to Dwayne’s using the phrase “your God.” You don’t need to use the phrase “your God,” he said. It is just “God.” Schultz said, “Uh-huh,” to each of Dwayne’s descriptions of the “all-knowing, all-powerful, almighty God.” We’re three for three, “and “Right again.”

You think that God created all people “just the way that we are,” in response to Dwayne’s assertion that God created all people. “No,” Schultz said. He emphasized, using Scripture, that while sin prevented us from living as God intended, despite the fact that he had made us in his image, Schultz said, “God did not make Dwayne an atheist. We were not formed to steal, kill, cheat, or lie. ” She made that choice. To bolster his argument, he used Psalm 14 and Romans 1.

Dwayne’s claim that “God turned me into the atheist that I am and he gave me the free freedom to believe or to doubt” was disputed by Schultz after that.

“Which is that, then?” he enquired. Did he create you as an atheist, or do you have the choice to be one? A non sequitur throughout your whole argument makes me pray for Dwayne to believe “not a contradiction,” said Schultz. It even defies the logic of its own existence.

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“The people of God discern the will of God by not being conformed to this age but by being changed by the renewing of our minds,” he said. Additionally, it is something that every day, every believer will decide whether or not to submit to. Due to the fact that returning to the wicked desires of man is a natural consequence of understanding God’s plan and eventually doing it, Paul instructs us to give up our bodies as living sacrifices. Schultz came to the conclusion that, despite Dwayne’s rejection of God, prayer is effective because she is being exposed to the truth about him.

The next day, Dwayne released a video on YouTube in which she said that her grandma had just died and that she hadn’t been eating or sleeping well. In addition, Schultz’s reaction video had prompted an “onslaught” of hostile remarks from Christians when she woke up that morning. Dwayne said that Schultz merely repeated the Bible at her rather than challenging her assertions. She rejected his argument and refused to debate it since the Bible cannot support itself.

According to Dwayne, there is no hatred like Christian love, and according to her, the criticism she has gotten from Christians as a consequence of the video is “sickening.” But a few days later, she published a video thanking all the Christians who had subsequently left her polite remarks and private letters expressing regret for whatever harm they had caused. “It motivated me,” Dwayne remarked. “The complete and constant love and support I’ve gotten from you guys has really pushed me to get better.”

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In a video posted on October 11, Schultz said in a video that he doesn’t anticipate the individuals he is replying to to agree with what he says and that it is the Holy Spirit’s responsibility to alter people’s views. He does so in order to carry out 2 Corinthians 10:4, which states, “We take captive every thought to make it subject to Christ,” and we destroy arguments and every pretense that puts itself up against the knowledge of God.

Additionally, Schultz publishes these films for TikTok members who are debating their religious beliefs. He remarked, “I would receive one response saying, ‘I’ve been really battling to present a refutation to this sort of reasoning,’ for every hundred replies that said, ‘Yeah brother, amen, that’s fantastic truth. I’m grateful. And ultimately, I’m chasing those remarks.

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Watch video of their debate on titkok here

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