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Don’t Engage In Sowing Seed As A Burden, Giving Mournfully Will Do This To You – Bishop David Oyedepo

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-Bishop David Oyedepo at Week of Spiritual Emphasis, Day Three.

Give the Lord a great hand of praise. Give Him the greatest clap of praise.
Thank You, Jesus.
God is turning many people mourning into dancing. Many mouths shall be filled with laughter. Church Gist. There is a massive wave of captivity turning going on in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Lift up your two hands everyone and thank Him for the delivery of the garment of praise to everyone this month, give Him thanks, in Jesus Precious Name we have given thanks.
Obedience to God and His commandment is always for our good. Deuteronomy 6:24.
Always for your good, always for my good. We are doing nobody favor by our obedience.
I wish every Believer will know that serving God is for our benefit. Job 36:11.
You couldn’t seat down for a minute, pains all over your body. What? And then a visitation of Christ. You could not seat for ten hours and now you are seating down.
Every commandment of Scripture as we know in this Church is absolutely for our good. Not for the good of the Church, or the Pastor. You could miss it by thinking so. Absolutely for our profiting. Psalm 67:5-7. Everything God commands and instructs is for our good. May the eyes of all be opened today and may that become your lifestyle where obeying God becomes a natural lifestyle. You are not feeling that somebody is using you or abusing you. No, you are just enjoying yourself.
Where serving God, you don’t need encouragement forever, you are just flowing on.
The more you insult me the stronger I become so you better mind your business. Why? Because you know it is for your good.
God once told me, ‘I never need you for anything but you need Me for everything. There is nothing that you have that is more than Me. Church Gist. It came from me. Even your life that you are bragging about, it came from me’. 1 Corinthians 4:7.
So, there is nothing you can do for God like being excited in receiving His instruction and following it.
The sacrifice of Thanksgiving means thanking God even when you have not seen it. Lazarus was stinking, ‘Master don’t mess up Your ministry. I know he will rise up on the last day’. Jesus said, ‘Father, I thank You’. John 11:41. ‘Lazarus, come forth, and the sound of Thanksgiving brought Lazarus out. This month, every of your ‘Lazarus’ that might be in any grave stinking must come out.

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A combination of the sacrifice of Thanksgiving and the sacrifice of praise will stir unbelievable wonders in your life, incredible wonders in your life. Give the Lord a big hand of praise and please ve seated.
Maybe you didn’t hear that testimony. The testifier said, ‘I and my mother, we gather waste for a company and as at the time Jesus met me last Sunday, we had only three hundred naira at home to move on till the end of the month. That was 24th or something. Three hundred naira to live on, Jesus came and a stranger called, an angelic call, ‘let me know what you need for any business of interest. ‘It is just less than one million, sent her all the money’. And then employment came the next day. Awesome God, just changed the story but the faith question must be answered to access Divine visitation.

Nobody can believe for you to access your inheritance. Habakkuk 2:4. Your faith is a must to take delivery of your inheritance. Hebrews 11:6.
Faith is a “must”, that Is the first chapter in the book, ” Exploits of faith”. Faith is a must, it is not an option to access our inheritance in Christ.
So prepare your heart in faith for the series of the ongoing Pre-Shiloh encounter services and for Shiloh proper where the showers will be falling. Church Gist. This man or woman I don’t know got his encounter first day of Shiloh. And Jesus canceled the procedure and made him whole, straight. Something like fire went down my spine and flushed out that nonsense. Whatever has been called impossible by man , God will step into it and turn it around for a testimony for you in the Name of Jesus Christ.


Exodus 15:11.
He executes fearful wonders in the midst of praise. Church Gist. The sea clears the way at His Presence, the mountains skip like rams and the hills like young lambs, Jordan is driven back at His Presence, the mountains flow down like water at His Presence, the enemies melt like wax at His Presence. Fearful wonders of all kinds, wonders without number.
He does fearful things in praise. Hebrews 13:15.
So the sacrifice of praise and the sacrifice of Thanksgiving commands fearful things. Psalm 116:17. You get through to Him when you come over with sacrifice of thanksgiving. Your call gets through to Him.
He does fearful in praise; not for what He has done but praising Him for you will see done by His hands. We don’t only want to praise Him for what He has done for you, we are praising Him for things to happen.
Thank You Jesus.
Fearful praise will always trigger fearful intervention.
Jesus entered the temple in the response of Hosanna, Matthew 21:9, and flogged everyone buying And selling in the temple.
We are the temple of God as high praises go up , we provoke intervention from God against everything that is arrayed against by the devil. Violent praise will always trigger violent intervention. Whatever won’t let you go forward, whatever is resisting you from enjoying your inheritance in God shall be flogged out of the way.
God stepped in violently and the foundations of the prison were shaken, the gates were opened, all their bands were loosed and suddenly, sir, how can one be saved?
God will convert every reproach of your life to honor in the twinkling of an eye Let me hear your loudest Amen.
A lifestyle of the sacrifice of praise is a vital evidence of strong faith. Romans 4:19-21.
Praise is an evidence of strong faith at work in you. Heart-seated is a Biblical evidence of strong faith.
Rejoicing in the midst of battle is Biblical is a clear evidence of strong faith. We saw that in the life of Abraham in Romans 4:19-22
Psalm 149:3. While they mock them, I will be beautifying them. You are leaving with that tonight.
Praising God with a clear understanding of the word; the sword of the Spirit on what powers are hidden in praise then they will execute judgement upon the heathen and punishments upon the people.
High praises in their mouth, a two edge sword in their hand, they are on top of the situation. Church Gist. They are on top of all circumstances. With the word being the motivation behind their praise, they are on top. Everyone is coming from under circumstances tonight into realms of dominion in the Name of Jesus Christ.
High praise guarantees Supernatural returns on our financial seeds sown. 2 Corinthians 9:6-7.
God loves a celebrating giver, a thank filled giver, a praiseful giver.

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Giving mournfully keeps you financially frustrated but giving joyfully keeps enlarging your coasts of blessing. You know why? God is not in need. Psalm 50:10.
So, giving is for your blessing and not for God’s blessing, not for the blessing of the Church like some people said, it is for your blessings.
Give and it shall be given to you, not to the Church. Luke 6:38. Proverbs 28:27. Giving in any front is for your good. So giving on all fronts is for your good. Malachi 3:10.
These are Scriptural facts that will keep you jumping and dancing while you are serving God. Can I hear your Amen?
1 Chronicles 29:3.
High praises will always invoke judgement on our enemies. 2 Chronicles 20:20-24.
When God takes over the battle, the battle is over.

High praises also guarantee fearful returns on our Spiritual seeds sown. Either through soul winning, follow up, ingathering of souls into Church, or praying Kingdom advancement prayers. These are all Spiritual seeds, you sow to the flesh you reap corruption, accountants will call it waste asset. You sow to the Spirit, you reap life everlasting. So, Spiritual seeds guarantee life everlasting and that comes by rejoicing. Joel 1:12.
So don’t engage as of necessity, don’t engage as a burden, always engage in sowing your Spiritual seeds as a privilege being fully persuaded of the guaranteed returns. It will make a lot of difference. All this wake up tomorrow, why are you not in Church? ‘I will try, things are quite demanding for me’.
Serving God as a burden is a waste of life. It holds no return but serving God as a privilege with joy and rejoicing , even the sky is not the limit of what God will do your life.
Chapter 28:47-48. They are not serving God with joy and rejoicing in their hearts. ‘God, I am doing it again, I did it last year and the year before, this is my fourth year, I have not seen any change but I have to be doing it’. If I don’t do it they will say I am not committed or they will say I need to be followed up.
The moment the joy of salvation is lost, you are lost sir. That is one covenant indicator of being in the faith, that is the joy of salvation.

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No one here shall serve God under pressure anymore.
Now let me conclude. Biblical reasons why we should serve God with joy and gladness:

Say with me God is not looking for who to use but who to bless. Do you want to be blessed? Therefore rejoice at every opportunity to serve Him.

God is not looking for who to rob but who to enrich. How many want to be enriched here?
Everything about giving adds value to your life.

Say with me, God is not looking for who to stress but who to make whole. Exodus 23:25, John 15:1.

Say with me God is not looking for who to humiliate but who to promote. Jesus came down to the lowest earth and He exalted Him to the highest throne. They spat on His face, He was smiling, He could see the joy ahead and He was exalted to the highest Heaven. Philippians 2:9-10.

After the phase of humiliation came the phase of everlasting exaltation.
In most cases, until you are mocked by men, God is not provoked to your making. When men mock you, God steps in to make you.
We must recognize that God does not need us for anything but we need Him for everything. All of the above will keep you jumping, shouting, celebrating as you follow God.
Give the Lord a big hand of praise

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