“Don’t Spend All Your Money During Christmas” – Apostle Joshua Selman Warns Ahead Of Year 2022

The popular Nigerian Televangelist and General Overseer of Eternity Network International (ENI), also known as “Koinonia”, Apostle Joshua Selman has warned people against frivolous and unnecessary spending during Christmas.

The clergyman said a lot of people get into debt and financial problem because of their inability to be frugal with their expenditure in December, especially during Christmas. “For most people (believers), I said this respectively, December looks like the most visionless period for them. It’s when they give up on God, purpose and everything in the name of celebration. Don’t get me wrong and I’m not saying don’t celebrate. No, enjoy yourself, eat whatever you have to eat but let me advice you. Most people, the highest level of financial carelessness in their lives comes in December. All the wisdom that God has taught them all through the year, is nullified in December because people waste money on profitless things, all in the name of celebration,” Apostle Selman said. 

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Apostle Selman said in as much as people ought to celebrate Christmas, they must be mindful that expenses is waiting for them in January 2022. “Remember my teaching about the law of seasons. Every dry season comes with a letter from the raining season, saying, I am coming. And also, every raining season comes with a letter from the dry season, also saying, I am coming too. In other words, December has a letter from January 2022, saying, the school fees of your children is there, house rent is there. So, don’t spend all your money during Christmas. As you celebrate, be mindful of next year. Celebrate but do so in wisdom,” he said. 

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