Dr. Paul Enenche Discloses 8 Blessings Secrets

Dr. Paul Enenche Discloses 8 Blessings Secrets
Dr. Paul Enenche Discloses 8 Blessings Secrets

8 Blessings Secrets Unveiled by Dr. Paul Enenche

The founder and leading pastor of the Abuja-based Dunamis International Gospel Center is Dr. Paul Enenche. The priest shared a message he gave at a service in which he shared eight secrets of blessings on the ministry’s official Facebook page. Here are the secrets, as revealed by the cleric:

1. Newborn Rebirth

The rewards that come from accepting Christ as your personal Savior and Lord are immeasurable. When you devote your life to Christ, he will free you from all bonds and obstacles to your achievement.

2. Living uprightly and obeying God

You would learn the mysteries of God’s blessings if you did God’s will and kept His commands.

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Dr. Paul Enenche Discloses 8 Blessings Secrets

3. Royal Service

If God is not pleading with you to serve Him, the monk asserts, you will not ask Him to bless you. Worship the Lord. Do not live for yourself; living for God is living for the great; living for yourself is living for the little. You learn the mysteries of blessings through kingdom service.

4. Covenant Practice

When a person is not a tither, nothing can make life cheap for him/her. This refers to the law of giving and receiving.  In your tithing and giving is your blessing. Nobody can quarantine you to the realm of begging and borrowing if you understand the mystery of giving to God.

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5. Word Revelation

When God reveals His word of knowledge, the mysteries of blessings are released. Blessed people are worded people

Dr. Paul Enenche Discloses 8 Blessings Secrets

6. Word Declaration

God’s words include riddles. The secrets of God are revealed in His written word, and benefits are extended to those who hear such pronouncements.

7. Belief in God and the Bible

Your faith is stoked by the word revelation you get. You accept it, adopt it as your own, act on it, announce it, and become it. Don’t allow others’ appearance or behavior to discourage you from taking action; they might not believe you, but if you have faith in yourself, God will provide for you.

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8. Priestly And Prophetic Releases And Declarations

Blessings come through the proclamations and blessings of prophetic prophets of God.

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