During One Of My Outreach I Met A Man Who Was Strongly Addicted To Drugs, Today This Is Who He Is To Me – Bishop David Oyedepo Reveals

The purpose of sharing the gospel is to rescue people from the shackles of Satan, and the powers of hell. There have been many stories of how people were at their lowest points, and how their lives were turned around as soon as they got in contact with Jesus.

Bishop David Oyedepo shared one of such stories during his sermon at the Covenant Hour of Prayer meeting today. He narrated how he met someone, who had just been released from prison during one of his outreaches, and how the person gave his life to Christ, and is now one of his vibrant sons in the Lord.

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According to the Bishop, this man was addicted to drugs. He was hooked on marijuana when he got in contact with Bishop Oyedepo. But after the gospel was shared to him, and he gave his life to Christ, he told the Bishop later that he could not even stand the smell of the weed anymore.

“Our primary assignment is to rescue men from the hand of the devil,” the Bishop said. “Church growth is just secondary. We are only bringing them to church so that they can grow, but we must bring them to Jesus, who will save them.”

The Bishop also told the story of how he met one young man, and invited him to church. This young man then went to bring his entire family to church. The man told his family that ‘Bishop Oyedepo wants to see them in church on Sunday.’ The whole family gave their lives to Christ, and whatever siege Satan held them in was broken.

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If the believers can move around with this mindset, the mindset that the gospel is a rescue mission, then many of them will take it as their own responsibility to win souls. People are going to hell everyday. People are on the brink of committing suicide. People are depressed. The gospel is the only solution to the dying world. Do your job.

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