Evang. Mike Bamiloye Advises Parents To Deal With Any Bad Spirit And Character In Their Lives Otherwise This Is What Will Happen To Their Children

Evang. Mike Bamiloye on his Facebook page, advised parents to deal with any bad spirit and character in their lives because their children can inherit them. He said, “When a man is full of lies and he refuses to deal with that spirit, though he is not a lustful or immoral person, the Spirit of Lies is the Giant he has not conquered, that may resurface in the lives of his children. 

When a woman is so arrogant and proud, and she does not deal with the spirit of Pride and Arrogance, even though she is very prayerful and dedicated to the church and the things of the ministry, that spirit of Pride and Arrogance becomes a Giant in her life that may go ahead to reflect in the life of her children.”

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Therefore, it is not enough to take the land of your Callings and Ministry, without dealing with the stubborn characters and habits of your life that may become a Giant that would reflect upon your seeds later in life. 

He said that some drama and music ministers are doing well in their ministries presently; their ratings are rising before people; a lot of people are getting blessed through their various ministrations, music and movies, but, there is this Spirit of Greed and Covetousness that a lot of people have been noticing in their lives, that must be dealt with now, or it passes over to begin to reflect upon the children and spiritual seeds.

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He then asked, “Have you noticed that if a particular man of God is your mentor and father-in-the-Lord, and you submit yourself to him and stay under him as your father, sooner, his traces will begin to manifest in your life and habits? 

If he is a materialistic minister of God, sooner, you too will begin to do whatever he does. If he is a faith or Mission-minded person, it will soon begin to show up on you. That is the manifestations of the giants of your father.

Finally, he said, “As you go on fighting and taking the land of Great Exploits and mighty visions this year, kill all the Kings and spare not the Giants of the land. Deal with all sins and ungodly habits of our life so that they will not begin to gather to manifest in your biological and spiritual sons.”

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