Evang. Mike Bamiloye Advises Singles To Avoid Being Yoked With Fire Extinguishers – See What He Said

In the respect of this, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has taken to his verified Facebook page to share a message on marriage and the series of hazards that could be involved in it if an innocent and divinely endowed single is not careful.

As shared by Mike Bamiloye, some single men and ladies are glory quenchers. Once you get married to them, the virtues and talents you have been nurturing since you were youth, till your single-stage could go down the drains. In his words the drama minister has stressed that there are some ladies out there, theirs is to swallow every money, and virtue you might have. They swallow any visions and divine ideas that a single brother carries to the wedding altar and leave the brother empty and shallow a few months after the wedding.

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So also some men, who are boastful of being a supporter of vision only to disappoint the lady after marriage. In his words, the minister has stressed that all around us are a lot of boastful brothers who promised to uphold the blazing visions and ministerial potentials of a well-known visionary sister, only to sink the visions and glorious ideas of the sisters after the wedding. As a result of this, many ladies that have been so prominent in their ministry before marriage suddenly vanished into oblivion as a result of the kind of man they married.

On this, Mike Bamiloye has exhorted believers to be very watchful and conscious when it comes to choosing their life partner. He has advised ladies that they look very well, and take time to search his mind very well. Do not rush for any reason. Take time to get to know him and his vision and those he has for you. Do not allow a brother to rush you to the altar of marriage.

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As per men, he has advised that they watch very well. As a firebrand brother in the Lord, you need a vision carrier, not a vision extinguisher.

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