Evang. Mike Bamiloye Reveals The Reason Why Some People Still Marry Wrongly Despite Praying To God And Waiting

Popular Gospel Actor and Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye in a recent post on his official Facebook page sends an important message to Christian singles and why some of them marry wrongly despite praying and waiting.

He said, “Some sisters are seeking the face of the Lord and praying and fasting to know who to marry, but in their heart, they have already set a status standard for the man the Lord should bring along their path: They had listed the qualities: tall, slim, computer technology compliant man, purpose-driven, goal getter, at least possessing the first degree and working in a top company and having an enviable career, etc. They fast on these and pray on these and hold several vigils and prayer sessions on these.”

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Speaking further, he said that they are praying and fasting truly, but not with a perfect heart. There is no God-picture in the criteria of the man or lady they desire to marry. So, when God is out of the picture, that brother or sister eventually marries wrongly, despite all his or her prayers and waiting.

Finally, the reason why some people marry wrongly despite praying and waiting is that they pray and fast on the wrong things. They already have a picture of who they want to marry before seeking the will of God. 

Then instead of praying directly for God’s will, they pray that God gives them who they want.

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