Evang. Mike Bamiloye Reveals What Happened After God Told A Pastor To Approclach A Prostitute

Popular Gospel Actor and Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye in a recent post on his official Facebook page talked about “Addicted To Obedience.” As Christians, we should try to be obedient to whatever God asks us to do because obedience is better than sacrifice.

The cleric said that Prophet Hosea would never have attempted to marry a promiscuous woman and Prophet Ezekiel would never have attempted to eat a bread baked with human dung, if not for their commitment to obey everything the Lord said. And that was why they continued in their ministry and calling. He then said that when God is using you as a prophet to the nations, through music, drama, teachings, prayers, etc, He takes over every aspect of your life and has control and authority over every area of your life. 

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He could order you to do things you would not have done normally: he could ask you to go places you would never have attempted to go on your own. What is the major ingredient for being God’s glorious mouthpiece? Obedience and Submission to His plans and purpose.

He said that a man of God was once instructed by God to leave his house in the evening and head towards a red zone of the city. He was instructed to pack and approach a prostitute and bargain with her. He brought the prostitute into his house and his wife, which the harlot mistook for a housemaid, served her food and drink. 

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After which the man asked her three critical questions: “What is the purpose of your life on earth?” Do you have peace and joy in your heart at what you are doing?” Do you want to be happy and settled in life?”

Finally, he said that by asking the questions and supplying the lady with the answers, amidst total guilty silence, the lady burst into tears as she found another lover in Jesus Christ. He then said that to remain relevant in the Lord and be progressive in life and ministry, you just have to obey the Lord’s command in your life. 

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God can find you useable for great and mighty exploits when you are very obedient to His voice. If you are praying that the Lord be magnified and glorified in your life, then you must be addicted to obedience.

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