Evang. Mike Bamiloye Reveals Why Some Revelations From God Are Better Not Said At All

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye is the founder and presiding president of the Ibadan-based Mount Zion Faith Ministries. The drama minister had taken to his verified Facebook page to share some of the reasons why it is dangerous to share every secret that God might have shown a believer.

In his words, he has stressed that people are always moved to share their testimonies with other people. 

It is very dangerous to do so. Some testimonies could lead you into bondage. They are better not shared at all. There are some things that God has told you that is meant for you only. He has also drawn examples from the mistakes of Joseph and Samson from the scriptures. 

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mike bamiloye
mike bamiloye

They shared the testimonies of very deep revelations that were supposed to be kept secret. They were seriously put into trouble as a result of this. It led to the tragic fall and death of Samson, while Joseph was sold into slavery and also imprisoned.

As shared by the drama minister, some people have been so addicted to social media that, everything that concerns them, they spill it to the entire world to hear. 

According to the drama act, this is why the holy spirit has restrained some people from some heavenly secrets, they would blow it on Facebook and Instagram and go about the churches telling their testimonies if God gives them a glimpse of some secrets.

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Also in his words, Mike Bamiloye has stressed that there are some secrets from heaven that are meant for you and your family alone, and not for social media. There are some divine strategies you can not teach others because they are meant for you alone. 

Going outside the control of God to divulge secrets that God has revealed to you in the form of testimony could be very dangerous.

It is very dangerous to reveal deep and secret things that God has shown you. You are not to share them as testimonies or information with anyone. It could be very dangerous.

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