“Even if your name is darkness, it has no connection with the quality of life you live” – Pastor Damina Reveals Why The Name One Bears Is Not Linked To Any Predicament

The General Overseer of Power City International, Dr. Abel Damina while preaching in a video on his verified Facebook handle some hours ago advised members of his congregation not to change the names they got at birth from their parents simply because they think the name might have a link with whatever predicament they are facing in life. According to him, even if you answer darkness like a name, it has no connection with the quality of life you live.

According to the Cleric in the video, “People might tell you ‘If your name is darkness, you better change that name if not your life will be darkness’, this is not true. There are people whose names connote failures, yet, they are successful, while there are people who bear wealth as a name, yet, they are poverty-stricken. God has no problem with your name. Your name means nothing to God. Lazarus means prosperity but the Lazarus in the Bible was at the gate of the rich man begging for crumbs”.

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Speaking further, the Cleric said it is scriptural ignorance and village ideologies to see a man of fifty years or more changing his name and declaring it in a newspaper because a pastor said so. “Do not let anybody take advantage of your lack of enlightenment and make a caricature of you”, Dr. Damina said.

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