Faith Oyedepo Reveals The Reasons Why You Must Make Your Wife Appear Good In Public

The Bible is one book that spells out instructions on how to live our day to day lives. From the way we handle our finances, to the way we live with our family, there are instructions for every occasion. In this article, I will be revealing one solid advice the Bible has given for marriage and family.

The Bible says in the book of Timothy, that any man who fails to provide for his household has denied the faith, and is worse than an unbeliever. This commandment is scary, but it makes sense because the way a man will treat his family has repercussions on how the world will see the christian faith.

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Faith Oyedepo alludes to this fact when she explained that a man should take care of his wife properly, because the way she looks and appears in public, will tell a lot about the man. She explained that a christian man has been redeemed to be a king, and a king has a reputation to uphold, therefore, he shouldn’t be doing things that would undoubtedly ruin his reputation. It’s even worse for the faith because a christian with a bad reputation will make the faith unattractive to the world, whom we are supposed to reach out to.

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