Faith Oyedepo Reveals Two Things You Can Do To Get A Promotion At Work

Faith Oyedepo has revealed two things you can do to get a promotion in your work. She said that if you are creative in your work, and if you maintain a positive attitude, you will get a promotion in your work.

Creativity is valued in any organization. Every employer would appreciate it if you find a way to increase productivity and cut costs, and creativity is what you need to have to do something like that. Also, creativity is doing something that nobody has taught of previously, and when you do something like that, you will make yourself indispensable to the organization.

Maintaining a positive attitude is essential because that kind of attitude can run off on the other employees. If everyone knows you as the encourager, and the one who brings up the company morale when it’s down, it wouldn’t be long before you are rewarded for your work. Look at Joseph for example; although he was thrown into prison for a crime he did not commit, he maintained a positive attitude while in prison, and the jailer put him in charge of the affairs of the prison! Imagine if he was depressed and negative all through his time in jail; he would never have had the chance to be promoted like that, and maybe he would never have become Prime Minister of Egypt.

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The Bible declares that if you are diligent in your business, you will stand before kings. That is promotion. As long as you are diligent, creative and work with a positive attitude, the top will be reserved for you.

source: Opera News

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